Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cabin Fever Anyone?

With unexpected snow days making their way around the northeast, I thought I'd introduce you to some of my favorite activities to take the edge off of those dreary days stuck in the house.  Since I love to organize (I know, it's a sickness), I actually have a "Rainy Day" notebook.  I jot down ideas, mostly from magazines (pre-Pinterest) and adapt them to target language in a fun,  hands-on way.  These are perfect to share with parents and they can keep them on hand for those unexpected days at home.

Activity #1
Edible Buildings
Things to have on hand:
Pretzel sticks (the thin ones)
Directions for play:  Have your child skewer the pretzel sticks into the marshmallows and build away.  You can create buildings or a delicious friend.  You may even want to have a gummy bear stop by for a visit...

Activity #2
Bath Time Beach Party
Things to have on hand:
Dolls (the kind that can get wet)
Beach Towels (washcloths)
Sunscreen (body wash or lotion)
Boat (plastic storage containers)
Directions for play: Break out some summertime tunes and have a BLAST!  Make a fruity drink to have on hand and don't forget your sunglasses!!

Activity #3
Bath Time Car Wash (if only cleaning my car were this fun)
Things to have on hand:
Toy cars
Empty squeeze bottles
Spray bottles
Bubble Bath
Directions for play: Take those "dirty" cars and make them shine.  Dip them in the bubbles and see who gets all of the suds off first.

Activity #4
Things to have on hand:
Empty water bottles
Food coloring
Directions for play:  Add a little water (for weight) to each bottle and secure the lids.  For an added challenge, add food coloring to one or two bottles and make those worth "extra points."

Activity #5
Hidden Treasure
Things to have on hand:
Blocks (or anything on the small side)
Aluminum foil
Empty paper towel roll
Directions for play:  Wrap the blocks in aluminum foil and hide the "treasure."  Have your little pirate use his "telescope" to find the hidden treasure.  Give them a pillowcase to put their loot!

Activity #6
Obstacle Course
Things to have on hand:
Masking tape or Painter's tape
Directions for play:  Place the masking tape in designs on the floor.  Have your child walk across the "balance beam," jump over the "bridge" or make a hop-scotch board.

Activity #7
Indoor Picnic
Things to have on hand:
Picnic-type foods
Sheet or blanket
Directions for play:  Have your child pack food for the picnic (juice boxes, raisins, string cheese, crackers, etc.) and help them set up the blanket on the floor.  Bon appetite!

Activity #8
Make A Magazine Story
Things to have on hand:
Directions for play:  Have your child cut out random pictures from a magazine and glue them on a few pages.  Make up a story to tell about the pictures.

Activity #9
Guess What
Things to have on hand:
Stuff from around the house (phone, ball, blocks, stuffed animals, etc.)
Directions for play:  Take a walk around the house with your child and gather a few items into an empty pillowcase.  Take turns reaching inside and guessing which object you have.  Remember, no peeking!

Activity #10
Scavenger Hunt
Things to have on hand:
Pencil or crayons
List of objects (take a look at this FREEBIE)
Directions for play:  Look for objects around the house that are on the list.  Have your child draw a picture of the items he/she finds from the list.

Have fun spending time playing with your kids!  They are only this little once!!


  1. Great ideas! I'm loving the scavenger hunt!

  2. These are so cute and creative! My little kids at home will love these too.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to look!! I love sharing ideas!!