Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Knuffle Bunny

"Oh, NO! Where did I put it?"

Everyone can relate to the extreme panic of misplacing their beloved (or their child's beloved) childhood toy.  Whether it be a blanket, stuffed animal, or pacifier (gasp!!), when that treasured item goes missing, emotions run high.  Pair that emotion with a child's inability to "talk" and  you could have a full blown panic attack on your hands.

The story of Knuffle Bunny, written by Mo Willems, depicts this scenario perfectly.  Although Trixie is not yet "talking," she is still trying to communicate.  Like many children with communication disorders, Trixie cannot always get her message across to others, which can be really frustrating for both the "speaker" and the listener.

The illustrations that go along with this story are fantastic and the characters are very expressive, which is one of the reasons why I love this book.  Not only is it a topic that children can relate to, it is engaging and funny, in true Mo Willems style!  

Thus, my inspiration for my newest Book Companion Pack, available on TPT...

The "Emotions" activity included in this companion pack is presented in multiple choice format, with associated picture choices.  The emotions targeted include angry, happy, sad and scared. While these are certainly not the only emotions appropriate for each situation, they seem to be the ones most easily identified by young children.  The prompts used relate directly to the story and are intended to be used along with the book.

"Go Together" includes 36 semantically related pairs, which can be used in memory-game format.  And for a little extra fun (and fine motor practice), a clothespin can be used to hold the pair together, before dropping it in the laundry basket!

If only I had as much fun sorting my laundry as the kids do with this "Laundry Sort." The kids can take turns pulling laundry out of the basket and putting them in the matching washing machine.  10 colors and 6 different clothing items are ready to be sorted. I chose to work on four colors at a time, with 2 colors on each "washing machine" (fits well on square tissue boxes), but this can be adapted to suit the child's skills.

This companion pack also includes laundry-themed minimal pair cards for targeting final consonant deletion (15 pairs) and velar fronting (12 pairs).  You can hang a clothesline and attach each card, as the child produces it correctly or as they correctly discriminate between the pair.

Another great way to encourage our kids to enjoy reading, is to build confidence during their attempts at independent reading.  With this emergent reader, the child is able to easily grasp the repetitive language and concepts targeted through the use of picture cues.  They will be so proud of themselves for "reading" this story!

"Where's Knuffle Bunny?" is an interactive book for targeting prepositions.  This is definitely a kid favorite! Directions for assembling the book are included (with pictures).

Lastly, a "Game Board" is included.  Children can help Trixie find her lost bunny.  This is intended to use along with your targeted drills to turn boring practice into a fairy tale ending.