Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Sweet For Your Sweeties

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've been using cookie-themed materials to tie my activities together.  Aside from all of the great pre-made materials available, I always love the opportunity to cook with the kids. Getting young kids involved in the kitchen is such a great way to facilitate so many speech and language opportunities.  Making a mess, I mean cooking with kids, involves following directions (mix, pour, stir, measure) while incorporating senses (touching the sticky dough or soft flour, smelling the cocoa, hearing the kitchen timer, tasting the sweet sugar, and of course, watching in amazement).  Also, for those with "picky" eaters, it is a great way help them try new foods.

Here are some of my favorite cookie-themed books that are sure to be a sweet delight...

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff

Crunchy Munchy Cookies by V.M. Racanelli

Also, for those with access to apps, consider downloading Cookie Doodle on iTunes.  The kids LOVE making digital cookies using ingredients they can mix, roll and cut.  After placing your cookie in the oven, you can decorate it.  You can even hear a crunching sound as you "eat" them!

For a fun simple game you can use to target sequencing, matching and turn-taking, download my free game "Let's Bake Cookies: A Cookie Sequencing Game" available on TpT!!


  1. I'm making Brownies right now. Yummmo!!!!! I love the "If you...." book!

    1. Brownies sound great! I'm just about finished with a companion pack for "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie!" Keep an eye out!