Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dollar Store Dash Linky Party

After a life-changing move from New York to South Carolina, it was Teach Speech 365's Dollar Store Dash that motivated me to come back to the blogging world.  After all, what therapist can resist the dollar store?  Not this one!!

I started to gather the Halloween-themed items and ended up putting them back in exchange for items I could use throughout the year.

Here are the items I chose:
Pom Poms
Go-Together Cards
Mighty Mustache Fun Straws
Styrofoam Cube
Paper Plate Animal Craft Kit

Since I work primarily with preschoolers, they were my inspiration.  I will be using the Paper Plate Animal Craft Kit to work on body part identification and following directions.  I plan to cover the Styrofoam Cube with paper to create a picture die, which the kids can roll on the table or floor.  Each side will show a body part, which they can then choose to put on their Paper Plate Animal.  This can also be modified into a small group activity by integrating turn-taking skills.

The Go-Together Cards will be separated with only one-half of the pairs visible on the table. The kids will take turns choosing a card, identifying what is on each and then trying to figure out what goes with it.

The Poms Poms and Mighty Mustache Fun Straws will be used to target oral motor goals.  The kids will each get a straw to blow the Pom Pom across the table and over the edge. My favorite part about these straws, aside from the kids looking adorable with their mustaches, is that the mustaches are adjustable on the straw and work as a lip block!

More to come from the Palmetto State...


  1. I love the mustache straws! Welcome back to blogging! I'm sure the move was stressful (I despise moving)!

    1. Thanks! My daughters found the straws so it looks like I'll be buying another pack! The move was pretty unexpected and happened so quickly. I'm happy to be getting settled, FINALLY!

  2. Where in SC are you? I lived outside of Charlotte for 9 years!

    1. We are in Chapin (just outside of Columbia). It is SO different from New York but we are really loving it!!